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    Welcome to Coastal Chimney Sweeps, LLC, where we are committed to all aspects of chimney maintenance and safety. Our technicians perform a complete inspection and diagnosis using state of the art tools and training. We have been cleaning and inspecting fireplaces in the Mobile and Baldwin County Area since 1979.


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    Residential and Commercial: 

    • Animal Extraction and Guards Installed
    • Chimney Cleaning and Inspection
    • Dryer Vent Cleanings
    • Flashing and Cricket Repairs and Installations
    • Installation of Chimney Caps, Crowns, and Air-Tight Damper Systems
    • Masonry Fireplace, Prefabricated Fireplace, Furnace Flue, Woodstove and Insert Installation
    • Relining
    • Repairs and Restorations
    • Smoke Tests and Chim Scans
    • Waterproofing and Leak Resolution
  • Chimney Cleaning Service


    The National Fire Protection Agency recommends you have your fireplace inspected annually. Many people are unaware of the hazards of creosote buildup. Flue gases, which are contained in the smoke from burning wood, condense on a stove pipe or tile chimney liner. Over a period of time this burning process creates a flammable, black, crusty build up on that surface. This is creosote, which creates a potential fire hazard in your chimney or flue and reduces the heating efficiency of your fire. The danger of creosote buildup and chimney fires is eliminated when you keep your chimney clean.

    We perform a Certified Inspection upon all of our schedule cleanings. A Level 3 Inspection with a Chim-Scan Video can be scheduled if needed. All our services, exceed the work and safety standards set by CSIA and are in accordance with the NFPA #211 Fire Codes. Trained under CSIA professionals, our Master Sweeps promise top quality, having serviced over 50,000 chimneys. Working with top realtors, we regularly collaborate with property management organizations.


    In 1997, the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission reported there were 16,700 fires originating in clothes dryers resulting in 430 injuries, 30 deaths and over 84.4 million in property damage. In addition, approximately 400 people were non-fatally poisoned by carbon monoxide as a result of gas dryers.

    Our service technician will inspect the dryer vent. We use air pressure and agitation tools along with vacuum to clean the entire vent. Dryer vent cleaning cleans the line that travels through the walls and ceilings to the outside vent of your home. Once cleaned, we will clean out the connection piece, re-attach your dryer and re-check the vent while your dryer is operating. If your clothes take longer than one cycle to dry; you likely need to have your dryer vent cleaned.


    The benefits are:

    • Extends the Life of Your Dryer
    • Reduced Operation Costs
    • Safe for Your Home and Family


    Thomas was professionally trained in Stowe, Vermont at Black Magic Chimney Sweeps and has over 30 years of experience. He established Coastal Chimney Sweeps in 1979 and works hard to meet the needs of customers.


    Mitchell joined the family business full time in 2009. Like his father, Thomas, he is dedicated to doing the best work to keep customers safe.

    We project ourselves and the company in a professional light and strive to provide excellent services. Aiming to exceed safety codes and regulations, we give you the best services in the chimney service industry. Staying up-to-date on all the latest products, services and safety regulations, our professionals work closely with you to solve any problems and concerns you may face with your chimneys.
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